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general dentistry

It is important that you are maintaining great oral health for many years to come. General dentistry focuses on preserving your natural tooth with precise care and treatment. At Vernor Dental Care, we strive to keep your dental health in check.

The Visit

During your general dentistry appointment, you may undergo a series of diagnostic and preventative services. This can include a comprehensive examination of your medical history, oral cancer exam, and an x-ray of your teeth and mouth.

Our preventative services include plaque removal, sealants, teeth cleanings, and adjustment of partial and full dentures.

Dental Fillings

If you have a decayed tooth, dental fillings are the perfect solution. This is because we remove the tooth decay in its entirety and preserve your natural tooth with a filling. Fillings are made up of composite resin, which makes it ideal to match the color of your teeth.

A small drill is used to extract the decay and sealed with composite resin so you can smile beautifully again.


Dental bridges are a great way to “bridge” the gap between multiple missing teeth. You may need a dental bridge if you need support from several missing teeth, restore your ability to eat your favorite foods, and keep teeth from shifting in your mouth.

Root Canal Treatment

If you feel sharp pain, you may need a root canal. A root canal occurs when the infected pulp in the center of your tooth becomes infected. This pulp is composed of blood vessels, tissue and nerve endings.

A small drill is used to extract the infected pulp and the canal is cleansed. Afterward, the canal is sealed with a rubber-like substance called gutta percha.

Are You Looking for General Dentistry in Detroit?

We want you to maintain a beautiful smile for many years to come. That’s why our team is keen on making sure you are staying up to date on the best techniques in the dental industry. Contact us today to get started!  

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